About us

About us

We are a highly experienced, qualified and professional multi-disciplinary team (or MDT). We offer a comprehensive wellbeing service, to individuals and corporates.

For companies, we deliver wellbeing psychoeducation for executive teams. We also work with key executives on individual performance & wellbeing programmes.

For individuals we design bespoke mental health, physical fitness, and lifestyle programmes tailored exactly to your wants, needs and schedule.

Our philosophy

We focus on wellness not illness, with a holistic approach considering mind, body & spirit.

The unique combination of lifestyle psychiatry, individual and relationship therapy, nutritional and lifestyle advice, and physical fitness, delivered by one multi-disciplinary team has proven track record, and delivers genuine and sustained change.

You can take a full treatment plan with the whole team, or choose a la carte services.

Our background

We originally worked together at one of London's premier wellbeing clinics.

We learnt how effective a multi-disciplinary team can be in the assessment & treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, relationship & sex and other common issues, while enhancing the sources of contentment, happiness and physical wellbeing in each person.

We launched conectMDT to take our services to a broader client base, both in the UK and internationally.